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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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it happened and how he's doing. 7 news begins in
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>> he never saw it coming. bay area man bends down to pick up a tool in the garage and gets a painful dangerous surprise. good evening. >> he never saw the rattle snake before it had a chance to strike and did it ever. nasty bite on his hand and the garage of his home on ralston avenue in belmont. 7 news is live with the story. lisa? >> we are in the western hells of belmont and of this is considered prime rattle snake territory. they normally like hiding in wooded area andrea serene and try to avoid humans. coiled up and hidden in the small space was this 3 foot long rattle snake. it bit nancy 74-year-old husband as he
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reached for a tool he dropped. >> the reason he this the it was a spider bite but he heard the rattle and oh, no. >> this is a photo of edmond swolen left hand. medic rushed in the hospital for treatment while firefighters kill the snake. >> i can't recall the last tim we had anyone bitten by a snake. >> doctors treating the victim couldn't either. they are rare but native to the region. they are found resting on warm asphalt and tall bushes interhome and on deck. and the recent heat wave likely drew even more to the area. >> just so happens that the garage tends to be very cool shady place. police in the they leave the garage door open in the summer and the snake go in. >> victim waive called a snake rangler to inspect the entire home checked wood pile bushes and under the house which is now snake free. they live all ralston avenue can't believe what happened this morning.
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>> we have coyotes. deer everywhere but not rattle snak snakes. that's unusual. >> edmond perez mean time will spend 1 or 2 more days in the hospital. this is abc 7 news. >> police investigating a collision between muni bus and car in. happened just after 7:30 near twin peak. 6 people injured including 4 drivers and 4 passengers all taken to the hospital. muni says no injuries appear to be life threatening. bergdahl the soldier held by the taliban 5 years in afghanistan is set to arrive back on u.s. soil any minute now. bergdahl has been in germany since the rae lease on may 31. he will go directly to brook army medical center in texas for rehabilitation. he's expected to reconnect with the family some time in the next few week. army investigation found he left deliberately on his own when captured in 2009 by the taliban. skhngd for 5
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taliban detainee who were held at guantanamo bay. >> new concerns tonight in iraq where islamic extremist taking over parts of the country. fighters from the militant group link to al qaeda captured 2 key city and vow to take their fight to baghdad. gotten so bad lockheed martin will evacuate employee from northern iraq. u.s. considering various military options including airstrike but u.s. troops will not be put on the ground in iraq according to the president. >> oakland police looking for 3 men accused of kidnapping and raping a 13-year-old girl. police said girl walking on coral road last friday when car pulled up right next to her. 3 men in late teens early 20's forced her natural car at gun point then they assaulted her. then dropped off on dover street at 55. car described as newer model burgundy 4 door sedan. >> bay area woman and boyfriend facing murder charges accused
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of killing the father of her children. prosecutors say or tests and ortiz shot 43-year-old oscar in san pablo sunday morning and took the 3 children. police believe the shooting happened because of a contentious child custody ballots between about them. children now in the care of protective services. >> the owner of coffee shop in west oakland repairing the damage after senseless act of vandalism. 2 guys caught on video tossing chunk of concrete through the window. look at them. it happened at this coffee store. as tiffany explains, the owner thinks he knows why. >> busted window not a broken spirit. as the sign says this is oh, er to stay. >> start lining up at quarter to 7 for coffee they didn't care. >> co-owner leased the space year ago when uninhabitable. >> after complete renovation
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they opened in april. 5 window busted this morning and video show twos men hurling concrete through the glachlts. >> concrete did damage on the inas well. one over the counter into the cabinet into the drywall. >> vandal saw this as sign of fent ification. it was a year ago but the group fireworks bay area tweeted it yesterday. >> vandalize development and business that's the line that i note up. >> we reached out to the group today. they did not respond. the customers sense the tension between long time west oakland resident and newcomers. i want there to be a conversation. about it. as opposed to an attack. >> but i don't think the coffee shop is like responsible for gentrification. >> several week ago someone tagged this with pro fan. >> ashley remains confident in the community and coffee. in
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oakland, abc 7 news. >> tense moments in san leandro tonight started as officers were attempting to arrest the man wanted for violent felony. police say he barricaded himself in a house on washington avenue. officers closed down streets and told people to shelter in place. stay put. suspect eventually surrendered. no one was injured. >> firefighters quickly knocked down a grass fire burning near college in free mont. start after 5 this evening and threatened some building and large array of solar panel. we were overhead as you can see and crew douse the flames. got it under control reasonably quickly. contained to 3 and a half acres. >> talk between muni and the workers have broken off. both sides have been in negotiations since february over a pay increase. last week drivers held a 3 day sick out which cripple public transit in san francisco as we reported to you at the time. so now muni sent a letter warning the union that
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it if it does not return to the bargaining table and reach a deal by this sunday the current contract will stay in place for a year. right moving on. >> world cup arrived and a half the planet is watching. began with opening ceremony in rio jennifer lopez and rapper pit bull saying we are one to crowd of more than 60,000 people. outside the stadium protest. police used stun grenade and tear gas against protestors to say brazil spent too much money to put on the world cup matche matches. >> bay area bar and restaurants nonetheless are hosting watch parties hoping to cash in on all the world cup fever madness. this is brazil restaurant in san francisco just packed with cheering fans today. owner orlando plans to open early for every televised match. very good for business. >> abc 7 world cup coverage begins seattle. you can watch coverage of the columbia and
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greece match with these at 1 11:30 and don't miss a moment of the world cub with watch abc which lets you view the match on your smart phone tablet or computer wherever you are. won't miss any of it. >> more to bring you tonight coming up up next on 7 news. ground breaking study by local doctors who found people from a certain region may look the same but the genes are all over the map. how that is helping doctors fine-tune treatment. >> plus the baby that is beating the odds. special connection he has with his mother who is in a coma. >> and bill murray at it again. where the actor popped up this time and the pictures to prove it. >> great visibility tonight. we have a warm-up on the way. we talk about the father day forecast coming up. but first here's jimmy kimmel. >> here's a sample of what we have in store for you tonight. this is the official world cup soccer ball. l.a. galaxy sent this to me. do you want to
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play. >> sure
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start exploring at is. >> newly released study by researchers at ucsf and stanford university could change the way we view race. as it applies to how doctors diagnose and treat their patients. cheryl jennings explains. >> came from mexico. to california. when the border was free. >>reporter: the doctor not only researches gene at ucsf he works in his own family tree. mixture of french and mexican
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ancestry he decided to have his own gene sequence surprises. >> it shows genetic part originate from africa comes from west africa. >>reporter: the test revealed a wide genetic variation including african gene from slave population in north south america along with asian gene imbedded in mexican indian population. believed to have my greated across the behring straight many century ago but rather than just history he says those fragment are a profound impact on our health. >> not about what the ancestry is. it's what it is in a particular gene. >>reporter: to learn more teams from the schools launched a major study in mexico sequencing the gene from hundreds of people from different area using high speed robot systems that process dozens of sample simultaneousl
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simultaneously. what they found was surprising. good evening netcly speaking, some group in mexico are as different from each other as european are from asian. so how much difference could one of those genes make. >> if you are of asian of a particular gene and taking a particular drug we use to treat children with seizure disorder you need to get good evening netcly tested because if you have the variant you might die. >>reporter: also points to cases like montell williams who developed ms a disease associated primarily with european gene. his case was followed up bay study at ucsf of african americans with ms. >> what they did is they demonstrated that on chromosome 1 if you inherited a european copy of this particular gene that you had a high risk of ms. >>reporter: he's hoping data from the latest study in mexico will prompt a movement away from classifying patients by race and instead using patients
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genetic make up to personalize diagnosis and treatment. >> so what we are interested in is deconvoludeding what does it mean to be a one racial or ethnic group. we use good evening net toybing help douse that. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> now the ucsf stanford team believes that some of the genetic differences noted in the study could have immediate impact on diagnosing conditions among mexican americans. including differences in breathing capacity as it applies to lung disease. >> well now to update on a story we first brought you last movement new mother still in a coma tonight. 3 week after giving birth to baby boy. we get a first look at baby west tonight. brian is now taking care of his son with the help of his father-in-law and sister-in-law. sweet little child. melissa carlton pregnant when doctors found a brain tomb ovrment in day she suffered a seizure and fell into a coma. baby was delivered by c-section on may 22. melissa now at rehab no,
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sir marin county where brian says she is showing slow signs of recovery. >> able to reach over and find him and touch him and caress him. >> we have had moments where we are convinced that she is making connection with us. that she is there. >>reporter: family from fresno but staying in a donated apartment in san francisco while melissa is still in the hospital. information on how you can help the family is listed at abc 7 check that out when you can. baby west doing fine and we hope melissa doing a bit better. well, traditionally photo show 2 people getting married but when bill murray shows up, an exception. ashley and daryn were posing downtown charlesto charleston, south carolina when the photographer noticed something strange. bill murray pulling the shirt up trying to get them to laugh. they did. so he invited the actor joined the shoot. he did. here's the proof. murray has a history of odd encounter. last month he
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crashed a bachelor party in charleston, as well. always has fun. >> sweet site in the sky tit tonight called the honeymoon because out of all the full moon of the year june most likely to glow yellow. is that not stunning? if sandhya is here with more on this it is absolutely gorgeous. >> it is. you can't even have to take a trip to check it out. best part about it. i show you a time lapse from tonight of the honey moon. travels pretty low in the sky. and it is rarity bates is occurring and going into friday the 13th. you have a little more haze in the atmosphere as we get towards summer which is about a week away. and so we have that golden honey tell due the name of honey moochbility it's absolutely stung. still have time to do it. we show you pretty good sky conditions across most of the bay area.
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we have patchy low clouds developing right near the coast right now. there's the honey moon. from our roof cam are breezes dropped off quite a bi bit. 50's right now san francisco oakland san carlos san jose and morgan hill. pretty comfortable at 60 degrees. here's view from the exploring camera and sky clear in the financial district. temperatures rate now 61 in santa rosa. 55 in nap a.fairfield 57 degree ins livermore. one other life picture from the emeryville camera. clearly you can see across the bay to the eastern span of the bay bridge. pretty good indication of what's to come. low clouds in the morning warming up the next few day and bright and sunny for father day. we wouldn't have it any other way so look at the week ahead. san jose temperature trend here's what it is going to look like. average high 80. 77 tomorrow. temperatures coming up as we head towards the weekend there. a little above normal then falling off close to average as we head towards next week. tomorrow morning you want to
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bundle up. upper 40's to mid 50's. cool side especially north bay valley. just patchy low cloud though unlike this morning where we had kalou cover everywhere and temperatures across many parts of the bay area actually dropped some more today. except santa rosa and few other locations. tomorrow morning clouds clearing as breeze kicks up again. 70's 80's it's going to be assign friday with the temperatures rising. here's look at the numbers 85 in antioch. 84 life more. some warmer locations. 72 oakland. 66 in san francisco. low 80's santa rosa. napa 80 degrees in clear like. dounls the peninsula. san mateo 72. really is in day in san jose. 77. 81 in morgan hill. 64 though in half machine bay and a little on the breezy side. night is going to be breezy for tomorrow night giants game if going against the rockies at at&t park. clear skies though. mid upper 50's. if i were you i would grab that sweatshirt. it will be a little on the cool side later on in the night.
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another game going on. a's against the yankees clear and breezy. temperatures milder. low to upper 60's. accu-weather 7 day forecast. warmer the next couple of dais daisy. father's day mid 60's to upper 80's. nothing but sunshine then really minor flux asian in the temperature done going into next week. by the way the next honey moon in june we won't be alive. 2098. >> you might not be alive. i might. >> the next one that occurs will be in august 13, 2049. on the thirteenth. >> so spectacular i want to stick around. >> i'll still be doing sports. >> late at night. >> heat game bionic man. spurs put on another amazing display of basketball. bionic. they left jim's and heat staggered left jim's and heat staggered stunned stoop♪fight. sports
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>> second game in a row the spurs absolutely shredded the heat in the nba finals this look like a series over on sunday. game 4 in miami. lebron look. see the jab come on. spurs ball movement incredible. the 2 handed slam. returning the favor behind the back. the smrirt. who are these guys. 8 pointsth. 9 board. 9 assist. that is pretty. leonard playing out of his mind in game 3. with authority. the spurs up 19 at the half. miami defense just couldn't do anything. look at this. 7 footer. athlete. spurs take a commanding series
11:26 pm
3-1 lead. game 5 back on sunday. no team ever came back to win the title from that deficit. >> i do know the numbers never been done before but we are still confident bunch. we are down right now being down 3-1 and losing 2 straight games at home. human nature but we still have to go out and play on sunday. >> afternoon baseball hudson and giants try to snap a slide against the national. help early and often. second inning tyler. to triple valley off the base and moore heading for home. go 7 innings. major league this era and giants win 7-1. a's have the day off. yanks tomorrow. scare for the home team
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>> world cup began today. brazil host country. one of the favorite to win it all n.trouble early against croati croatia. brazil filled with stars all with one name. 2 names you can't play. 11th minute here. the cross and accidentally kicked if cold an own goal. 1 nil croasia. actually kind of shank it a little bit but turns out to be the perfect kick. past the keeper and oscar finishes it off accelerating. splits the defense. brazil wins 3-1. golf 114 u.s. open. beautiful pinehurst no. 2 in north carolina. early this morning play. 4 under then rough back 9. 1 under tied for sixth.
11:31 pm
kevin 4-way tie for second. 2 under 68. for eagle on 5. how about lefty phil won every major except the u.s. open in contention even par 70. approach on 7. 5 bank thanks to martin with the best round ever in the u.s. open at pinehurst. he's the leader by 3 shots. game 5 nba final sunday our guest will be warriors owner joe. >> along with nate of course. >> of course. >> fabulous. >> thanks very much. >>
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all right that is our report for all of us here, thanks so much for watching. appreciate your time as always. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the local device with our new app. next
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newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning and right now on jim klu klux klan kimmel >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- robert pattinson. from "orange is the new black," pablo schreiber. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from nico & vinz. with cleto and the cletones. and now, don't sweat it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thank you for coming. very nice.


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